Welcome to the "Mehanika" from Aleksinac web page. Our primary business is manufacturing of mining and building equipment, metal constructions and welded assemblies. As a representative of German company "Meister" we can offer you vibrating screen elements produced from most modern and durable materials. For further info, please click here.

Proizvodni program


 "Mehanika" can offer to you:

  • robot welding
  • metal cutting (plasma/autogenously)
  • milling and turning on CNC machines
  • steel material hoppers
  • feeders
  • transport systems
  • vibrating screens
  • impact crushers - for stone
  • shredders for plastic materials
  • shredders for wood
  • sand washers
  • log washers
  • material washing systems
  • dusting suppression systems
  • agricultural machines
  • all types of conveyor rollers
  • control cabinets
  • welded metal constructions
  • silo

and many other steel products...

Informacije o preduzeću

“Mehanika”, as a firm independent of Aleksinac’s coal mines was founded in 1976. A lot of experience was collected for many years preceding this, while it worked as a maintenance shop for the coal mines. Based on this experience we started development of machines and whole plants. Since that time we have developed many machines with their subtypes. We have worked for all former Yugoslavian republics and some other countries. We can offer to you complete plants ranging from 20m3/hour up to over 100 m3/hour. If you need any further info regarding our product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.